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Bulbul MADENCILIK was founded in 1990 by Mehmet BULBUL and Mustafa BULBUL.Our company, which has gained material and spiritual power in perlite and washing for 18 years, has become the most comprehens
The introduction text of our company : We have various calibers of pumice stone with different packing for industrial textile wash of denim garments.Also we have the most modern pumice stone production factory in Turkey with the biggest production capacity of 10500 tons per month. our company “AGROSAN” established in 1986 in Mersin is serving clients in 44 countries worldwide FYI; China is the biggest denim/textile producer in the world and our company Agrosan is the major supplier of the Chinese jean producers/industrial laundries with whom we are collaborating for many years. Our pumice stone production capacity confirmed by the Chamber of Commerce of Trade & Industries and Stock Exchanges of The Republic of Turkey has been determined as 126000 tons/year which makes 10500 tons/month and we are exporting our pumice stone from USA, Canada, Mexico to Europe, North Africa, South Africa and to Asia to 44 countries worldwide with full customer satisfaction. Our company is recommended by first class banks as AAA (serious,reliable,trustworthy) which is a ranking given to first class companies like IBM,General Electric e.t.c. We produce following calibers of pumice stone like: our general pumice stone product range 3-8 mm. super micro pumice stone as a substitute for perlite wash 5-9 mm. super micro pumice stone as a substitute for perlite wash 9-16 mm. ultra micro pumice stone as a substitute for perlite wash 10-20 mm. for ice wash or stone wash of light denim, denim shirts, or delicate fabrics 12-25 mm. for ice wash or stone wash of light denim, denim shirts, or delicate fabrics 2-3 cm. for ice wash or stone wash of light denim, denim shirts, or delicate fabrics 2-4 cm. for ice wash or stone wash of light denim, denim shirts 3-5 cm. for ice wash or stone wash of normal denim 5-7 cm. for stone wash of normal denim product specification: 1.quality textile grade crystalline pumice stone,washed,tumbled (rounded),cleaned from foreign stones and impurities best quality worldwide. Advantages of Agrosan pumice stone: Hardness and Durability: Our stone being of ideal hardness has an excellent durability in the stone wash process and is not melting in the machines like the soft stones supplied by our competitors. Special washing system: Through our unique washing system we separate the non developed pumice stones (heavy pumice stones) and foreign stones and select the light pumice stones which are ideal for a good stone wash. Double rounding system: We utilize a double rounding system where we roll the pumice stones in rotating cylinders of perforated metallic sheets with sharp razer blades edges inside, where we eliminate the sharp edges of the pumice stone and round it in order not to damage the delicate fabrics or the denim products during the stone wash process. Ready available stock in Mersin for urgent last minute shipments: As we have our production and processing plant in Mersin we can always ship last minute urgent orders within 24 hours according vessel or containers availability. Packing We can pack the pumice in various types as follows: in 20 kg. pp bags size 48x74 cm. or 50x80 cm. in 25 kg. pp bags size 60x85 cm. or 60x80 cm. in 30 kg. pp bags size 60x85 cm. in 40 kg. pp bags size 60x95 in 1150 kg. big-bags (palletised) 1 bigbag on a pallet also we can pack the pumice stone as per buyer's demand in bags of the desired weight. Chemical specifications of our pumice stone Please find the specs of our pumice stone stated below : SiO2 73,32 % Al2O3 13,24 % Fe2O3 1,34 % CaO 0,73 % MgO 0,20 % K2O 4,33 % Na2O 3,58 % MnO 0,06 % TiO2 0,10 % LOI 3,10 % Delivery of the goods: Please note that being major producer in Turkey we can ship order volume upto 20x40’ cntrs within 48 hours according container availability of shipping lines after receipt of Your L/C or TT transfer. For any information concerning our company or about our p
Soylu Group is a group of companies that was established by Levent Soylu in 1981. The group entered the mining sector in 1983 producing and exporting pumice. It earned itself an important position
KALE PERLIT, was founded by Mehmet BULBUL and Mustafa BULBUL in 1990. Today, our company has become the most comprehensive and powerful company of industry in the field of perlite and washing in 18 ye
Avla Nature Architects, which is a personal initiative of M. Sami Akbeniz, is an earthworks contracting company established in 2008 to serve in garden, field, landscape and related soil works in the natural basin of the Eastern Black Sea, Kackar Mountains. Starting its operations in Istanbul in 2013, Avla Doga Architects has taken part in important projects. As of 2014, the company was institutionalized under the name Avla Compost Fertilizer and Toprak A.S. Avla Nature Architects, which provides production and supply of all kinds of main and curative natural materials belonging to soil, especially in Istanbul and Marmara region, continues its production activities in Gebze Plantation and provides service from its intermediate warehouses in two main regions of Istanbul, Ayazaga and Cavusbasi.